Serena & The Enchanted Island


Serena & The Enchanted IslandIn an age of mysticism and superstition, young Serena is the only child of Prospero, a true scholar of the Renaissance and the Duke of Venice.

Her story begins, when her father is overthrown by his treacherous brother Antonio and is exiled to a magical island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Serena is curious, loving and has a strong sense of justice. Her mind of wild imagination keeps her open to the wonders of life.

On one of her expeditions she encounters Sycorax, the evil witch, who keeps the island under her spell and is waiting for Serena to break the curse that keeps her trapped.

Sycorax acts motherly towards Serena and tries to keep her as close as possibly, tempting her with her magic powers and affection.

Serena is forced to make her decisions and to face the consequences when she discovers the witch’s evil plan. Serena picks up the fight and faces all challenges with the help of her band of unlikely friends: A vegetarian Ogre, a moody and slightly overweight fairy and Dario, her friend of childhood days.

Will they save her father and her beloved Venice…. ?

Inspired by the classic works of the world’s best-selling writer, William Shakespeare, Serena is the first original REX/morro princess. Serena & The Enchanted Island is a 3D/CGI full-length animated feature, envisioned to be both entertaining and educational for family audiences around the world.

Project Info:

Production: morro images GmbH & Co. KG
rexmedia Inc.
Executive Producer: Jimmy Hayward
Genre: Animation, Family Comedy, Adventure
Filmtype: Animated Feature
Length: 85 min.
Target group: 06-12, All family
Writers: Cal Brunker
Bob Barlen
Status: In Development