Serena Poster

Prospero the Duke of Venice is exiled with his daughter on a cursed island reigned by wicked Sycorax. Loosely inspired by the classic works of Shakespeare , the tale will follow the adventures of SERENA, a coming of age girl as she learns the lessons of life , fights the demonic powers of Sycorax , falls in love with a young prince and in a dramatic end regains safe passage and brings her father home to Venice.


Inspired by the classic works of  the world’s best-selling writer, William Shakespeare, SERENA is a 3D/CGI full-length animated feature, envisioned to be both entertaining and educational for family audiences around the world.


Production: Rexmedia
morro images GmbH & Co. KG
Genre: Family Comedy, Family Adventure,
Coming of Age
Filmtype: Animated Feature
Length: ca. 100 min.
Target group: 06-12, parents, grandparents
Director: tba
Writers: Bob Barlen
Cal Brunker
Status: In Development


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